Wright1 Consulting is a service provider for the new era, focused on you (the client,) tailoring an approach that seamlessly integrates into your corporate environment and the results.

We provide the IT solutions so you can focus on building, growing, and enhancing your business and corporate strategy.

We specialize in project, program, and portfolio management, mobile application and web application development, governance, quality assurance, testing, and process improvement.

When the results matter, Wright1 Consulting is the one for you.


Shelly Wrigth - Founder

"Shelly is a world-class talent that I would highly recommend... She is fantastic with the client, her project management skills are among the best I have encountered, her attention to detail and drive to produce the best results are first rate. She always knows what to do next...”
- Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Carlos Trillo - Principal Development and Technology

"Carlos has that unique skill set which allows him to deep dive into highly technical discussions and then quickly bridge those considerations into strategic and business implications. He has a skill for bringing the most out of his teams… Carlos is an exceptionally balanced IT executive."
– CTO & Technical Lead