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Our approach ensures that you receive the support and resources necessary for success, whether you’re enhancing your skills, leading a team, or driving organizational change. With Wright1 Consulting, you’re not just learning about project management; you’re adopting a flexible, personalized framework that empowers you to excel in any project environment.

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New Book: “Beyond the Gap”

Leading Multigenerational High-Performing Teams

Author: Shelly Wright

Beyond the Gap offers actionable strategies for leaders to navigate and leverage the diversity of multi generational teams, providing insights into each generation’s values, communication styles, and leadership expectations, ultimately fostering seamless collaboration through mastering emotional intelligence and adapting techniques to meet individual generational needs.

Coming Soon Fall of 2024.

Our Services

Empowering Success Through Expertise

Dive into a world where project management expertise ignites progress and drives success. At Wright1 Consulting, our suite of services is designed to cater to both businesses and individuals, offering specialized training and consulting that pave the way for project excellence.

Explore our offerings and discover how we can help you achieve your objectives with precision and professionalism.

Project Management Consulting & Training for Businesses

At Wright1 Consulting, we specialize in elevating businesses through our comprehensive project management consulting and training services.

Our expert team works closely with your organization to identify, develop, and implement project management strategies that drive success and efficiency. From tailored training programs that empower your staff with cutting-edge skills to consulting services that refine your project processes, we ensure your business is equipped to meet and exceed its project goals.

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Project Management Coaching & Online Classes for Individuals

Wright1 Consulting is dedicated to advancing the careers of individuals with our specialized project management training and online classes.

Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to enhance your expertise, our courses are designed to fit your schedule and learning pace. Gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead projects successfully, with access to our exclusive Wright1 Toolkit and the support of industry-leading professionals. Propel your career to new heights with our focused training programs.

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We strive to help you reach your corporate training goals so you can thrive in the classroom, live and online!


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* UCI, UCLA, CSUF, University of Redlands, Purdue University West Lafayette, Sigue, HerbaLife, PMI and Coursera to name a few!

Our Customers

Testimonial & Recommendations

Need more proof? Read our testimonials!

Discover the impact of our partnership through the voices of those who’ve experienced transformation firsthand. Our “Testimonials” section showcases real stories from clients who have navigated the complexities of project management challenges with Wright1 Consulting by their side. From significant efficiency gains to enhanced operational performance, these testimonials highlight the tangible benefits and personalized support that define our client-centric approach. Dive into their journeys to see how we turn project management obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.

Shelly is truly a diamond in the rough within the IT industry. It is incredible the vast amount of knowledge and expertise that Shelly possesses in multiple areas.

Kim A. (Client Solutions Manager, iSpace)

Shelly Wright has distinguished herself as an expert in project/program management, quality practices, and compliance of highly regulated industries. She has more than proven her ability to set up and lead an organization of any kind. She has also provided excellent consultations to other organizations.

Walter OB. (Founder & CEO, Scorpion Computer Services)

We all know that the most gifted professors are those who unveil the joy of learning for students and bring out the best in them. There is not a person that I know who displays this particular gift more than Shelly Wright. She has a remarkable ability to stimulate students with her dynamic teaching style. They are enthralled during her classes and leave with a love of a subject that may have seemed mundane.

Janice Y., CPA (retired), PMP (retired)

I strongly recommend Shelly as an effective instructor and facilitator. She is skillful at engaging her audience by projecting the right enthusiasm while managing several different personality types. My session with her included introverted engineers, extroverted business professionals, and know it all IT professionals.

Alisha W

I have been working with Shelly for the last 6 years at UCI DCE. She is an excellent PM instructor, advisory board member and SME who was in charge of developing our final PM certificate program course. She is always a pleasure to work with and her professionalism is outstanding!

Stephane M

Bridging the Path to Project Excellence

In the journey toward achieving project management excellence, understanding the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be is crucial. At Wright1 Consulting, we act as the architect of your success, constructing a bridge that seamlessly connects your current project management practices to a future of excellence.

Our tailored consulting and training services are the puzzle pieces that fit perfectly into your organizational structure, fostering a culture of innovation, efficiency, and success. This transformative process is not just about reaching your goals; it’s about redefining them, ensuring that every step forward is a leap towards a brighter, more successful future. Let us guide you across this bridge, from the familiar grounds of current practices to the extraordinary heights of project excellence.

Feeling overwhelmed by project management challenges? Connect with us now! Explore our customizable solution designed to fit seamlessly and effectively into your business framework.

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